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Green Energy
Energy conservation is vitally the only solution to the growing needs of energy requirements. Newer and effective technical growth and usage of modern equipments are the potential ways through which we can conserve energy. At Kamachi Group the responsibility of managing environmental impact goes beyond operations.

The Group believes, “Energy Saved Is Energy Created”.

Kamachi Group has effectively invested in break-through technology in which the environmental devastations are reduced to a minimal point. The key areas of focus are:

Enabling green technologies in power generation that have gained carbon credits for The United Nations Organization (UNO)
Adapting the process of energy generation through waste gases that emerge in the steel manufacturing
Generating energy from alternate energy resource – The Windmills
State of the art technologies to Conserve and manage water & energy
Developing Green Belt Zone around the campus
Pollution control in all forms
Optimizing natural resources that are used to the fullest degree
Kamachi Group is always on the go to eleminate the environment threats of tomorrow
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